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Internet Banking

Time and distances do not matter for the Internet banking system– the access to your bank accounts is prompt and secure regardless of the time and location. PC and an Internet connection are enough.

Opportunities provided by Internet Banking?

  • To transfer money from your deposit accounts and current accounts with our Bank.
  • To order foreign currency transfer on the territory of Bahrain and abroad.
  • To monitor the real-time status and movement of funds in your accounts – money paid and received, ordered, but not yet effected payments, balances of your current, deposit, card and credit accounts.
  • To apply for withdrawing cash in Euros and foreign currency.
  • To obtain information on the bid/offer rates of Rafidain Bank bank for the main currencies, as well as on the exchange rates of the European National Bank.
  • To effect non-cash sale and purchase of foreign currency.
  • To send free messages to the Bank.

How your security is guaranteed by Caja De bank?

  • The Bank guarantees the protection of information through encrypted link and a unique system of codes and passwords.
  • The codes and passwords are known by you only. They are stored in encrypted form at Rafidain Bank bank and they are not available even to the bank staff.

Registering and using Online Banking ?

Read the Terms and Conditions for Internet banking of Rafidain Bank.

Fill in the Application Form “Request for registration for Internet banking” ( individuals Application Form ). Hand in the signed application form at the branch office of Rafidain Bank bank, managing your accounts.


Not yet a Client?

Click Here to fill in the Application Form “Request for registration for Internet banking” (individuals Application Form).


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